Anxious Ethnography, Abject Resistance
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  (Pre)Occupied Ethnography, Abject Resistance   I. Introduction Freskito. A cool breeze on wet skin makes me shiver. I throw another bucket of water on my head, trying to wash all the soap off. Through wet hair I can see the red double-decker bus swinging by the house again, a reminder that I’m standing near a […]

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From: Bread and Roses, Valley Free Radio The intersection of contemporary Spanish anarchism with Los Indignados or the 15-M movement that erupted in May 2011 in plaza encampments across Spain to protest an economic crisis of over 50 percent youth unemployment is discussed by Justin Helepololei, an anthropology graduate student at UMass-Amherst.  Justin has spent time with Okupa squatters, primary […]

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Download Here! Abstract: When protesters leave the public space does that mean the protest is over? The spectacular protest occupations of Occupy Wall Street and Spain’s Indignado/15M Movement ended for various reasons. An embrace of new technology and logics of aggregation made it possible for diverse range of groups and individuals to take part (Castells […]

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On June 8th 2013, the Cinema Patricia Heras opened its doors; 24 hours later, they closed. For one night, 700 activists occupied Barcelona’s abandoned Palace of Cinema to premier a documentary made to shed light on a controversial legal case. In 2006, four young people were beat up and jailed following the injury of a […]

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Looks at the production of moral panic related to the consumption of discarded food in Spain. As “average” Spanish populations are seen engaging in “savage” economic practices, the framework for condemning non-market provisioning as criminal or pathological is no longer tenable. When Spaniards take on the scavenging practices associated with migrants and the “socially excluded,” […]

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Published in Affinities (2013): http://affinitiesjournal.org/index.php/affinities/article/view/78 Drawing from ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Barcelona between February and August of 2012, this article discusses changes in policing strategies leading up to the one year anniversary of the May 15thindignado mobilizations. It describes activist responses towards attempts at targeted repression and surveillance of specific populations. By highlighting transversal and especially inter-generational […]