Anxious Ethnography, Abject Resistance
Notes on a Common Insurrection: Violence and Transversal Solidarity in Occupied Barcelona
Categories: General

Published in Affinities (2013): http://affinitiesjournal.org/index.php/affinities/article/view/78

Drawing from ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Barcelona between February and August of 2012, this article discusses changes in policing strategies leading up to the one year anniversary of the May 15thindignado mobilizations. It describes activist responses towards attempts at targeted repression and surveillance of specific populations. By highlighting transversal and especially inter-generational moments of resistance, the article describes ways in which non-state actors have collectively sought to reject dominant frameworks of violence. As liberatory struggles face increasing levels of repression, these emerging solidarities present an argument for the necessity of connecting direct action to more widely-accessible discourses, in order to build more sustainable forms of resistance.

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